Czech Hunter 502

This was my last hunt before Christmas. I was hoping to catch some desperate dudes trying to buy any presents left.

This guy was exactly the case. He was broke and didn’t have a single present.

He was a bit suspicious about the camera and my motives. I had to be careful not to scare him away. I even had to offer him money just to make him talk.

Once he got paid, he became a lot more talkative. And greedy.

Soon I was standing in his apartment with a boner in my pants. The boy was so cute wearing just his geeky glasses.

All I had to do was pay him enough and he took care of my cock nicely. I couldn’t wait to try his sweet ass.

The guy was a bit small so getting used to my horny dick took him a moment.

I think he had a nice ride and the money he earned made this Christmas really special.

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See Czech Hunter 502 here!

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