Czech Hunter 445

I wanted to get out of Prague and hunt some innocent farm boys. I have a friend who lives in a small town east of Prague so I went there hoping I could use his flat in case I got lucky.

I started on the main street and soon bumped into Radek.


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He wasn’t a farm boy but an elevator builder and a vintage truck repairman in his spare time.

It sounded like an interesting combination but also made me worried he might be well-off.

I was wrong because he responded quite well to my offers.

The boy had a pretty good body, that’s what working with machines gives you. I even made him to exercise, I wanted to have a proper look at his body in motion.

Then I took him to my friends’ place. I didn’t expect that his girlfriend would be there so we had to do it in the bathroom.

A bit uncomfortable but still great fun.

See Czech Hunter 445 here!

See Czech Hunter 445 here!

All the CzechHunter updates right here!

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