Dirty Scout 202

A very innocent looking guy seeking a job in Prague came to my office today. […]

Dirty Scout 220

I love when the job applicants surprise me, it spices things up a bit. This […]

Dirty Scout 223

Let me introduce another dude totally fed up with his job. He studied to be […]

Dirty Scout 231

I think I tried too hard to get information out of this guy. He kept […]

Dirty Scout 227

I think this cute young man really enjoyed the interview. He was a student only […]

Dirty Scout 205

I felt curious about fucking this guy. He was going through really challenging times. With […]

Dirty Scout 218

This young man was in trouble. He was totally broke and needed a job as […]

Dirty Scout 238

It is amazing how some guys think you should dress for a job interview. Another […]

Dirty Scout 237

This young man was from Ukraine but lived in Prague for more than a decade. […]

Dirty Scout 236

We have many foreign students studying at Czech universities. So I was happy to meet […]

Dirty Scout 234

I feel bad about this young man. He was such a sweet guy and I […]

Dirty Scout 233

I met today’s young man in the centre of Prague, he was searching for better-paid […]

Dirty Scout 232

I met this young dude in the streets of Prague who had a weird combination […]

Dirty Scout 230

This young man was originally from abroad, he moved to the Czech Republic a few […]

Dirty Scout 228

This young man was a student originally from Russia. The language barrier was substantial but […]

Dirty Scout 226

Trying to get more than a one-word answer from this young man was almost an […]

Dirty Scout 225

This young man was very much an okay dude. He studied mechanical engineering and had […]

Dirty Scout 222

It’s a shame when young people are too lazy to pursue their dreams, such a […]

Dirty Scout 221

Michal came to my office tired of his current occupation. He worked in health care […]

Dirty Scout 219

This 26 years old cutie wasn’t doing so well. First he broke up with his […]