Bentley Race Brad Hunter strips naked out of his gym kit shooting cum everywhere dripping down his abs

Bentley Race says: Now Summer is finally here in Australia we decided to shoot outdoors in nature with my young sexy mate Brad Hunter.

He and I drove out to the bush for a naked photoshoot and video.

We managed to find a deserted picnic area which was just the right location.

We both got to work quickly as Brad strips off his clothes showing off his sexy body and huge uncut dick.

There was one point when a family disturbed us driving past in their car, they didn’t see much so we quickly moved on with Brad jerking his thick dick.

I got involved sucking his massive erection as well as a little Fleshlight fucking.

Throughout the video, you can hear all the wild animal noises that being out in the bush brings home to you,

Brad gets close to orgasm and his stroking speeds up as he wanks that big uncut dick playing with his foreskin till he blows his load, shooting cum all over his young stomach and chest with cum dripping down.

What a really fun day this was and great that we found a new area to take sexy videos and photographs. So expect to see more of these horny shoots over the coming weeks and months.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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