Sexy muscle dudes Pol Prince and Marco Antonio double penetrate young hottie Jim Fit’s holes at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: You have got to love Jim Fit’s cheeky stage name but we have to admit he is one sexy mother fucker.

Jim is super ripped with a beautifully sculpted muscle body without an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen.

He’s a masculine hunk where every lump and bump is rock-solid muscle but in bed, he’s a bitch a total pig bottom.

Jim Fit also has a soft spot for Latin guys, and that soft spot is the tight little sphincter between his ass cheeks.

Pol Prince and exclusive model Marco Antonio team up and spit-roast Jim Fit with their huge rock-hard cocks.

And to his credit, Jim Fit takes the anal punishment from this power-top duo like a champ especially when the two tops slip both of their cocks up his ass at the same time and double-penetrate him.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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