Ashtin Bates, Evan Davis

Together Ashtin Bates and newbie twink Evan Davis, take their iPhones and get set to record a super hot private P.O.V. fuck session.

Twink porn professional Ashtin’s big dick is already hard with his baby blue boxers tenting against the strain of his large cock.

Ashtin teases Evan till he rushes over and swallows down hard on that big young fuck tool. Ashtin switches phones to get a gorgeous knob gobble-close up of Evan stuffing his mouth with meat. Edited perfectly between both boy’s phone’s fuck footage, the feast continues as Evan captures Ashtin eating his fair share of schlong as well.

Anxious to pop his porn cherry, Evan hands Ashtin a bottle of lube, then climbs on top of the tatted dude for a sloppy sounding, raw ride that has Evan jacking his dick inches from Ashtin’s face. Taking full advantage, Ashtin opens wide, eating another helping while Evan bounces on the D hard enough to hammer his own hole, and Ashtin’ thirsty throat.

Our tattooed top switches it up and lays down so Evan can get a deeper dicking. He orders the dirty blond onto his back for a pulse-pounding- pound down Ashtin captures up close, and perve-tastically personal.

Then, new dude, Evan delivers one of the BEST money shots this year, nutting up to his neck, and covering his slender, tight torso with copious amounts of cum in a sexy straight line all down the middle of that beautiful body!

With that epic load, he couldn’t be with a better partner! Leche’s lover Ashtin basks in the gooey glory, then licks the lad’s load up, and sucks the last drop out, straight from that delicious dick.

He shares the tasty treasure with Evan through sticky kisses, before aiming his own bone at the boy’s pretty face, while ordering him to open his mouth.

He fills the guy’s gullet with goo, then kisses him full on the lips. Cum lovers, this one’s for you!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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