Island Studs Mario

Bisexual bubble butt Mario is back, the popular happy Brazilian American mountain man returns for his fourth video with a scruffy beard, speaks to us on camera in fluent Portuguese.

He loves showing off his beefy new body and untrimmed hairy cock and balls as he flops his rock hard belly slapping cock out of his super tight sexy red hot Brazilian underwear.

Mario moons the camera with his big chunky Brazilian bubble butt pouring out of his tight sexy undies, takes 2 messy pisses, puts on thick leather garden gloves with a full boner towering up to his belly.

He works naked in the garden with his heavy balls dangling between his massive smooth ass cheeks, bends over repeatedly showing his manhole, walks around the garden with a pick axe and rake with a full erection.

Mario then digs in the soil, stacks lava rocks and trims floral Hawaiian ginger sweating, wearing only work boots, fingers his open manhole 5 times, sits down outside for a long jerk off session and sprays loads of cums all over his tight body and hands.

With two fingers planted firmly up his butt hole, he takes a wild sexy outdoor shower and pissing again. Fans of bubble butt Mario appreciate seeing the changes to his sexy body and attitude over the 9 years he has modeled for us.

His first two videos filmed when he was a sweet innocent nervous young 18 years old tourist twink visiting the islands. Now, 27, a taller 5’9 and a beefy 180 lbs, with the perfect patch of chest and belly hair and his new big muscle bunda constructed from years of working for the forestry service building mountain trails in American national parks.

“I sleep outside mostly,” Mario states as he takes time to explain the meaning behind all the unique and important tattoos on his thick body.

“This is the most useful tattoo because it shows me where I have traveled and lived, he states with a smile, as he points to a map of north and south America on his arm.

Listening to him speak to the camera in fluent Portuguese, his native language.

“I am now very bisexual”, Mario exclaims with pride, explaining Brazilian men and women are the best in bed! Wow!

We would love to watch Mario in a hot bisexual action!

Ass lovers will appreciate all the amazing camera angles and close ups of Mario’s killer thick muscle butt, both in close up and afar, first as he moons the camera wearing his the red hot Brazilian undies he bought on his last trip home to see his family.

See bisexual Brazilian Mario in his tight sexy underwear jerking his huge cock to a massive cumload here!

See bisexual Brazilian Mario in his tight sexy underwear jerking his huge cock to a massive cumload here!

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