Richie West, Tyler Slater

Tyler Slater takes good care of Richie West, giving that sweet pink cock and big balls lots of attention as he sucks and licks them. Richie makes sure to treat Tyler right too, bending him over and spreading that ass to lick and rim it.

Richie makes a mess of Tyler’s tight hole, drooling all over that perfect entrance before he fingers it. But Richie’s fingers can’t quite prepare Tyler for that big dick as he slowly pushes it inside of Tyler, filing him up.

Tyler lets out a moan as Richie fucks him from behind, but Tyler struggles to take that fat cock so they trade places. After Tyler eats Richie’s ass he shoves his rock hard dick in him and pounds him raw, pumping faster as Richie moans beneath him.

Tyler takes Richie doggy style, fucking him hard, his balls slapping against Richie’s taint as he dominates him from behind.

Pulling out, Tyler strokes out a huge load onto Richie’s lower back and then watches as Richie gets himself off, spraying his cum all over the sheets.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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