Island Studs Brenden

Bubble butt Brenden, is a ripped all American blue-collar jock from Oregon with a tight hairless upper body and smooth muscle butt.

He flops his throbbing belly slapper and massive low hanging donkey balls out of his tight purple briefs, lifts weights fully nude with a rock hard boner, bends over, grabs his muscle butt cheeks and spreads his ass wide open.

He reveals his pink virgin hole with his big balls dangling between his hairy thighs, takes 3 powerful pisses outside, tugs on his big balls repeatedly, works out on a big blue exercise ball then flips over and fucks it.

Once again opening his gaping manhole with his cock and big balls pressed against the latex ball, before sitting down for a long jerk off session and busts an explosive load of man juice all over himself, coating his donkey balls with his jizz for the first time on camera.

Lean and smooth, Brenden is a total blue-collar HVAC and Air conditioning Repairman Fantasy with an impressive 8 pack of abs muscles.

“I get the Abs from crawling around hot attics all day installing sheet metal for AC units,” Brenden states with his super inviting smile.

This sexy soft-spoken horny lad comes from a big family of Electricians but left the family business because he “got tired of getting shocked all day” by the electricity.

He is now employed 40 hours per week repairing and installing HVAC Sheet Metal in Oregon.

Listen to him explain that he is the ‘low man’ on his work crew and has to do all the grunt work for his team.

What a sexy Blue Collar Babe! Check out the size of his big Balls throughout this video.

Bubble Butt Brenden, 27, 6′ 160lbs, born and raised in Central Oregon, arrived today for this is very First Time nude and jerking off on video, after a full day of dirty work in his totally soiled work clothes and dirty boots, with his face covered in dust.

Like most straight blue-collar boys, Brenden is a lover of fast cars and arrived in his 2011 Dodge Charger RT 5.7 with the engine roaring!

The neighborhood heard Brenden arrive.

Watch as he lowers his tight jeans to his knees and eagerly flops his hairless cock and his GIANT Low Hangers out of his tight Purple underwear and begins stroking his cock as he talks about his night job as a Male Stripper at a local gay bar.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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