Chaos Men Bailey, Landon Pierce

These two got along quickly before the shoot. They both were cracking each other up while I was hunting down some porn that they both might like.

But once I yelled, “Action!” they shifted gears immediately.

I told them to just go with it, and whoever got their cock hard first got their dick sucked first.

This inspired giggles from the two, as they realized it was now a competition.

Of course, Bailey gets hard first. He a lot more relaxed on set, these days, so Landon Pierce slid down and began sucking on his cock.

He is an excellent cocksucker, who paid attention to Bailey’s foreskin.

Bailey returned the favor and got Landon’s dick standing at attention.

They then 69 suck, followed by doing one of Landon’s favorite things, eating ass.

They end with Landon on his back, sucking on Bailey’s dick and balls while he stood over him.

He ramped up his jerking and shot an even better load than the day before during his solo.

It took him a bit of time, leaving Bailey edging his own cock, always about to blow his load.

Bailey literally shot his load seconds after Landon, and I barely got time to catch it on my close-up camera as I was doing a nice leisurely pan up Landon’s cum-soaked body when Bailey cums on Landon’s face.

This was a great pairing, and good sign that Landon is ready to take on some more dick.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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