Fabrice Rossi, Felix Harris, Anibal Garces

Few chosen enter to experience the most daring games you can imagine within the Brotherhood of Games.

From the hand of El Maestre, a mysterious masked, and sensual figure who recruits new and young players for the hottest adventures.

The Master has a playgroup that he encourages to play with sex toys.

Two high school boys, Fabrice Rossi and Felix Harris, are sent by El Maestre to recruit the new player: Anibal Garces.

Anibal does not know that being admitted to this secret Brotherhood is going to bring him so much anal pleasure.

On this occasion, to convince him they are going to use a double penetration dildo that will create a bond between the members of the brotherhood and the newbie, who will not be able to resist the proposal.

Anibal will groan with pleasure at the honor of being included in this hidden community.

These twinks do not play around, except when it comes to rotating in the game of pleasure, each one in their turn will have to be penetrated in a way that will make them ask for more, over and over again.

Taking turns, there can be two dicks for one mouth, or two mouths for one dick, whatever you like.

The boys penetrate the same hole, and one of them will receive all the power of those thick penises from the front and the back.

When the game is over, they’ll explode in a cum-filled orgasm that will be welcomed as a symbol of triumph.

Everyone wins in this ancient game that, for Anibal, is just beginning.

This trio, which you will not forget, is the beginning of many games that you will have to dare to play.

Competitions, solitary, all against all … There are no limits for El Maestre and his boys.

This mysterious man likes to send gifts, and so he will with Sonny by sending him a huge stimulator.

Will Sonny manage to deflower his ass with that huge object? Find out in the next episode of “Brotherhood of Games.”

Everything can happen. And you, are you ready to play hard?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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