Kyle Wyncrest, Tony Romero

After topping a dude, Tony Romero was ready to be fucked. Kyle Wyncrest was just the guy do it.

Tony is also a guy with a running monologue, trying to make everything sexier with dirty talk.

Some of it sounds a little funny, but I will take it over a model who is quiet, and be honest, it worked on Kyle.

Tony also quickly realized that Kyle was into a nice ass, so Kyle loved pounding his ass, his butt cheeks rippling.

I think that I’ve only had Tony cum from being fucked once, and we were determined to make this a ‘thing’ whenever he bottoms.

Kyle had to fuck him gently, trying his hardest to nail Tony’s prostate. Kyle hits the right spot, and very white creamy load spills from Tony’s cock.

As usual, Kyle is always holding back from cumming and immediately juices Tony’s hole.

He steps back and fingers his cum-soaked hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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