Roman Laurent

Roman Laurent is a quiet and intense type of guy. Despite his demeanor, he is very friendly and easy to talk with.

He kind of has that military look to him. At 5’11” his 8.5-inch cock looks extra big. It is also nice and thick.

He is mostly into women, but he has fucked a few guys, and gotten head, very occasionally sucking back.

He is a natural Dom. He is into rigging, ropes, and BDSM, and with his big cock, he likes to be Large and in Charge!

His solo is excellent. He goes from some fast stroking, to slow stroking, showing us his big meaty cock.

He also grew his pubes out for us, and though he is likely not ginger, the strawberry-blond coloring is pretty close.

Hope you like this intense, but friendly, bad boy.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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