Mike Stafford, Chad

Hottie 18 year old Chad is a super cute stud with naughty angelic look about him. He’s just 5’6″ with a sexy body and a well defined ripped six pack and firm legs.

And he’s got a perfect arse with the tiniest bit of hair in his crack! He likes big cocks and wanted to try taking a huge thick one on camera.

Mike Stafford is the lucky one who gets to play with Chad and open him up. Sporty Mike and scally Chad start off kissing.

They take turns licking and sucking on each other nipples, and in no time, Chad pulls down Mike’s shorts to reveal a big thick solid stiffie straining his white undies, moist with precum.

Mike has one of the hottest cocks…a good 8 inches, very thick, uncut and slightly veiny. He’s got big solid balls too.

Chad can barely get his hand all the way around but grips the big dick firmly and starts sucking as deep as he can.

Except he’s got a little mouth and can barely get about halfway down.

Mike gets down on the floor to kiss and grope Chad before pulling his trackies down.

By now Chad is rock hard and Mike pulls his tight boxers down.

Chad lays back on the floor with Mike by his side to him to suck Chad’s stiff uncut dick.

Mike sucks good and deep, sucking all the way down to Chad’s balls.

Chad then gets aggressive and fucks Mike’s face hard and fast before sucking Mike again.

Mike gently pushes down on his head to get him to go as deep as possible. Very hot!

Then they kiss, with Chad laying on his front giving us our first glimpse of his perfect smooth pale butt, which Mike rubs and squeezes as they kiss.

Next, while Chad lays on his side, Mike pulls his arse cheeks apart to lick the tight little hole.

He tries to push his tongue in, but Chad’s arse is quite tight, so he continues licking for a bit, spitting on it, getting it nice and wet.

He then pulls his cheeks wider apart to get his tongue in deeper.

Very horny to see such a cute young arse getting licked good and proper! Once his arse is relaxed, Chad is ready to be fucked.

Up against the wall, Mike rubs his cock against Chad’s hole then slowly pushes in. Mike fucks gently to begin with but once Chad relaxes the fucking gets harder and stronger.

With Chad on his back, legs apart, Mike manages to get his cock all the way inside him.

He gets into a really good rhythm, holding Chad’s legs. That hits the spot and Chad begins jerking off as he gets fucked.

Mike continues fucking but suddenly can’t keep from cumming. He pulls out quick and whips off the condom to shoot his spunk over Chad’s cock and balls.

Then he moves round to kiss him, while Chad wanks himself, shooting a thick creamy load over his tight six pack. Beautiful!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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