Michael DelRay, Nic Sahara

After Michael Del Ray and Nic Sahara pitch their tent at their campsite, Nic crawls inside for a rest, but Michael is pitching a tent of his own in his shorts.

He sneaks inside and rubs his cock over the sexy bottom’s booty, getting Nic all hot and bothered.

Michael goes outside to take a leak in nature and catches Nic jacking his pole when he returns, so he sticks his wood through the tent flap for Nic to suck.

Nic swallows the top’s erection and Michael comes inside so he can return the favor before telling Nic to sit on his rod.

As Michael fucks his ass mish, Nic rubs his wood like he’s trying to start a campfire till he cums, and the top pulls out and blows a big load on his hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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