Bastian Karim, Aaron Caban

Sexy hunks Bastian Karim and Aaron Caban are enjoying a Sunday sex day.

Horny hunk Aaron kisses Bastian pulling at his clothes getting him naked.

Bastian grabs ahold of Aaron’s underwear crotch bulge, unleashing his monster cock.

He drops to his knees sucking down hard on Aaron’s huge dick.

Aaron is pleased to see that Bastian has a hunger for sex that runs as deep as his own.

Bastian chokes down and gages on the full length of Aaron’s growing cock.

Aaron’s hunger is consuming him as he throws Bastian down and begins devouring his smooth, pink asshole.

With that perfect ass dripping wet, Aaron stands up and slams his cock deep inside.

Aaron begins fucking, but decides that ass needs some more lubricant and pulls out, eats more ass, then slams his cock back in and resumes his deep hole fucking.

Aaron loves the flavor that is left on his lips from Bastian’s ass and goes back and forth from fucking to ass eating and back to fucking.

The guys fuck in multiple positions before Bastian finally squats down onto Aaron’s throbbing cock and rides him hard until neither man can hold back any longer.

Bastian’s sweet ass milks Aaron for his huge load that explodes his creamy load all over Bastian’s smooth thighs.

Aaron rams his cum drenched cock back inside of Bastian, which triggers Bastian to blow his huge load. Is it Sunday yet?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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