Sean Cody Josh, Sean Cody Shane

Hot muscle stud Josh always loves to bring on newbie talent, so he’s mega happy to be set up with Shane for his second-ever scene.

“I’m excited to show him the ropes. I’ve heard that he has a nice, big, juicy ass,” Josh confides.

The sexy top isn’t the only one who’s getting excited about this coupling.

Shane says, “I can’t wait for him to fuck my ass and fuck it nice and hard.”

The guys play about outdoors in the park, where they competitively compare their physiques and their athletic abilities.

Afterward, they return to the studio to get right down to what they’ve both been waiting for.

Shane swallows Josh’s big dick and needs no encouragement to hop on and ride it, then gets fucked in doggy style nice and deep.

Before these guys are done, Shane is begging for that cock and taking Josh’s big load all over his cute face.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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