Dirty Scout 236

We have many foreign students studying at Czech universities.

So I was happy to meet up with this young man.

He was originally from Columbia but spent a few years in Czechia.

He was studying economics and hotel management, also had some experience in tourism.

His Czech was quite good so we had a nice chat about his career prospects. He wanted to work in finances, this was his long term goal.

It’s nice to meet young people who know what they want.

I picked a finance advisor position for the guy; his education, knowledge of languages, and experience in dealing with people made him a perfect candidate.

The guy liked the job and the good salary that came with it.

He planned to support his family back home so he needed plenty of money.

Such a sweet and caring young man… Now I had to figure out how to get in his pants.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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