Czech Hunter 532

I own a few flats around Prague but I’ve never cared about my neighbors until now.

Today I realized it was a big mistake.

Maybe I don’t have to search the streets, maybe there are cute dudes living next door.

I was on my way outside when I bumped into this guy.

He was busy preparing his rusty bike for a ride but was willing to chat.

This innocent looking guy immediately made me horny as hell. I didn’t hesitate and made him an offer.

He was poor and easy. He whipped his huge semi right in the hallway of my apartment building and it cost me only 2 000 Crowns.

Too bad the place was busy; I couldn’t fuck him on the stairs so I took him to my flat.

His naked body was nicely lean and covered in tattoos.

This dude looked like an innocent angel and a criminal at the same time.

I couldn’t wait to start.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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