Skyy Knox, Beaux Banks

In an attempt to take care of business on his own, Beaux Banks is following the person’s instructions.

He grabs a load of cash from their safety deposit box and heads off to the drop-off location.

Beaux pulls into a sleazy garage to meet the shady character, Skyy Knox.

Skyy is out to destroy Beaux’s husband, Alex, by getting him cut off from the family money.

Beaux arrives, and on top of the money, he’s demanding, Skyy decides he wants to ravage the thing dearest to Alex’s heart, Beaux.

Beaux is reluctant to cooperate at first but realizes that this could be the only way to save Austin’s reputation.

Skyy doesn’t only want the money, he wants Beaux to deliver the full husband experience to stick it to Alex ever worse.

Skyy fucks Beaux’s face as Beaux drools and chokes on the rock-hard dick.

Skyy is ready for some rough action and slams Beaux over the hood of the car so he can eat his asshole.

The stud plunges his tongue deep inside and gets Beaux juiced up and ready for penetration.

‘You’re ready for my cock,’ Skyy declares as he smashes his dick into Beaux’s sweet hole and grabs his face and mouth to exert his dominant control.

Skyy decides to switch it up and rolls Beaux over onto his back after spitting in his mouth and shoving his tongue down his throat.

Skyy fucks the hairy muscle stud like a machine until he pumps the cum right out of Beaux’s thick curvy cock.

Skyy wants his release too and throws Skyy onto the floor to jack a massive creamy load all over Beaux’s hungry face.

After licking up his own load, Skyy takes his twisted revenge to another level by holding Beaux captive and sending threatening selfies to Alex, while demanding even more cash.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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