Island Studs Mikie

If you want to watch a super cute, real young Army veteran Mikie, enjoy showing off his smooth body as he skateboards, in blue jeans, then in his sexy tight undies and FULLY NUDE with his hairy cock and balls dangling in the breeze in Hawaii.

25-year-old friendly Skater Mikie will excite you as he strips fully naked and sits his big fat ass down on his colorful skateboard stroking his perfect boy cock to a full erection with his pink boy hole in view as he smiles at the camera jerking.

He takes a powerful piss in the garden with his skateboard in one hand and his cock in his other hand poses with a power drill and a full boner before removing the front door of his tiny house.

He walks fully naked with the blue door on his shoulders, sweats as he gets covered in paint chips and sawdust as he power sands the door with a circular sander, takes a sexy shower to clean his feet, and remove all the debris from his thick body.

He then sits down on an orange sofa outside for a long talkative stroke session, explodes in fountains of cum that squirts high in the air and covers his smooth body in jizz and the floor between his bare feet, then LICKS ALL the cum off his fingers.

He describes how it tastes today, poses for more photos with cum dripping off his cock before taking a second sexy shower scene where he slaps his ass, then opens his big fat butt and fingers his pink hole for the camera.

Cute Skater Mikie plays with his hairy ball sack and full bush of boy dick hair as he strokes his thick cock with one hand and holds his favorite skateboard in the other.

“I LOVE getting naked and being watched,” Mikie states with a big happy smile as he enjoys showing off for the camera! “I love my cock and putting it up girls’ asses,” he confidently confesses.

This friendly “Little Soldier Boy”, 25, 5’10, and a thick 170lbs, tells us so many personal private stories including fucking a 40-year-old he met online when he was still in the Army and just 23 years old in Arizona and explains the meaning of each of the tattoos on his smooth white skin.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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