Riley Rodriguez

Bisexual Riley Rodriguez is a high energy, friendly, super horny Uncut Puerto Rican Italian American with an amazing “always hard” big belly slapper.

He speaks to us on camera in fluent Spanish about his bisexual adventures with men and women.

Riley loves to flex and pose as he attempts to pull his fantastic foreskin over his rock hard throbbing cock.

He works out with weights with a full boner, beats his hard dick against the metal dumbbells, ripped abs and slaps it with his hands, bounces up and down on and red exercise ball in the hot sun while jerking, moaning and manhandling his big hairy ball sack.

He then spits on his boner, fucks the exercise ball with his stiff dick and opens his ass checks with his own hands to expose his hungry pink manhole to the sun, performs Naked Yoga and stands on his hands with his hard cock and balls dangling to the ground, playfully shows off and opens his pink ginger man hole numerous times.

Then Riley takes a record-setting 4 powerful pisses outdoors spraying his golden liquid all over the raw wooden deck, into the Oregon forest, and even “hands-free” into an orange bucket with a hardon.

He sits down on a sofa indoors for a long noisy stroke session, moans loudly with a full body orgasm as he shoots fountains of cum all over the sofa, his entire body with even more jizz coating his mushroom dickhead.

As he continues jerking along after he has drains his throbber, and then takes a cute sexy soapy shower, opening his ass again and fingering his red hot hole directly at the camera.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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