James Jacobs, Bogdan Fox

It was just a chill day at home and my college roommate was studying for a project he needed to complete and I wanted to party and go to the beach and asked him if he wanted to join me.

My roommate is very straight and I am gay but we decided to share this apartment because we are both in the same classes and figured that it would be great to share an apartment to help with expenses and study together.

On occasion, when we are both horned up, we have jerked off together but this time I went a bit further. I sat down next to him and asked him what I can do to help speed up his school project and I took my hand and started feeling his bulge.

At first he wasn’t really interested but as I groped him, he decided to let me pull down his shorts and started sucking his cock. At first his dick was soft and he was very surprised since prior to this, we only jerked off together and this was his first time getting his dick sucked so he got hard and sat back and let me suck him.

He felt very out of place and creeped out but I kept on going and then to my surprise, he then started sucking my dick. As a straight boy sucking, he did kind of good but I think he kind of felt weird doing it so we just went back to stroking our dicks.

At first he was stroking my cock and I was stroking his cock but as he was getting closer, he grabbed his cock and stroked as spurts of cum shot out of his cock and then triggered my release as I took a few more strokes and came right after him. That was all that was needed to finish the project.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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