Brendan Patrick, Bryan Knight

Big hairy bear Bryan Knight is looking forward to fucking his hot bearded boyfriend Brendan Patrick.

Bryan forced Brendan to suck his toes and worship his bare feet before sucking down hard on his big uncut cock.

Brendan presses his ass hole down on Bryan’s face, Bryan gets his tongue in there deep, rimming him and making him wet.

Bryan then forces his hard cock balls deep into Bryan’s well-lubed raw hole.

Bryan loves his men to be smaller than him, so he can show his dominance like he does to Brendan.

He fucked him so good while Brendan moaned with joy, especially knowing that he will taste his hunky lover’s warm jizz.

Bryan fulfilled his wish and sprayed his lover all over his face and mouth, making him taste it and enjoy it.

Such an obedient lover is always a pleasure to fuck.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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