Greyson Harper, Jacob Jax

After a bummer 2019 Greyson Harper returns to wow us in 2020. As you know we all love this guy, he’s super friendly and very eager to please all comers.

Just before Greyson’s last video shoot, he was involved in a terrible car accident, fracturing his arm.

He was apologetic and emailed me a picture from the hospital of his arm.

As he was flying SWA I just put the flight on hold and he could rebook once he was returned to full health.

The hospital fixed him up good and he was spending time getting back to full health in the gym.

Sorry if the scar is a bit distracting, but he really was eager to have sex on film again and both he and Jacob Jax had an amazing time.

Greyson also managed to land a really good job, and he starts that in a month, so feel like he will make an appearance here and there on ChaosMen.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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