David Hollister, Danny Jones, Jake Williams

Young blonde stud Danny Jones is in big trouble for stealing.

He’s lucky as young cutie Jake Williams is too tired to argue and fancies a deep muscle massage instead.

Danny pulls out the massage oil and quickly wraps both hands around Jake’s big twink dick.

He is soon joined by David Hollister who rubs the oil into Jake’s ripped abs.

The three boys kiss passionately before David slides his wet hole against Jake’s rock hard cock as Danny and David 69, sucking each others’ big young dicks.

Jake spots Danny’s bare ass exposed and he goes in for the kill.

Jake rims his asshole then slides his rock hard dick between his raw ass cheeks getting it balls deep into his hole.

Jake’s bareback fucking continues until both boys are on the edge of orgasm and David’s jerking releases a load of cum all over the boys as they cum too.

The three boys lie back in each others’ arms their horny sexy energy sated for now.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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