Johnny Bloom, Antony Lorca

Today’s Belami boys scene of Johnny Bloom and Antony Lorca was filmed on a trip to South Africa on a trip a few years ago.

Anthony was the newbie here and this is a rare video of Johnny.

The boys arrive set for the pool and begin by spreading sun cream on each others’ sexy bodies.

They explore each other romantically and their lips meet. They kiss passionately and then Johnny kneels and sucks down hard on Anthony’s big twink dick.

The boys switch up with Anthony blowing Johhny before they rim and then Anthony bareback fucks Johnny’s hot bubble butt asshole.

The boys fuck like rabbits till they both explode in streams of hot boy cum dripping down their ripped bodies.

A beautiful tender fuck.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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