Jeff Mirren, Enrique Vera

Jeff Mirren has a lot of good looking friends and this he realizes is sometimes a bit of a problem.

He’s looking through the sex dating app Grindr on his phone with Enrique Vera, and every boy he sees there doesn’t really compare with any one of his friends.

Enrique is ready to help a friend out.

Today is part one of a two special where we see sexy young hunk Jeff whispering sweet nothings into Enrique’s ear as he kisses him passionately.

Then he slips his fingers between Enrique’s smooth ass cheeks to give him easy access to his hot pink hole.

As he rims his boy hole getting it wet for his big cock. Jeff bareback fucks Enrique till both young lads stream with cum.

Jeff fires his load directly into Enrique’s waiting hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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