Marco Strutt, Jordan R

Fit young twink Jordan R and sexy hung Marco Strutt bump into one another whilst they are sheltering from a heavy downpour under a concrete flyover.

Marco is having a piss against the wall and Jordan interrupts and sucks down hard of Marco’s beefy 8.5-inch uncut cock. He takes it deep to the back of this young throat.

Marco face fucks him then returns the favor sucking Jordan’s equally large dick. Marco then spins Jordan around getting his tongue deep between Jordan’s ass cheeks and into his tight pink hole.

After he’s rimmed him well, Jordan’s wet asshole opens easily as Marco’s dick head presses firmly in a rhythmic piston-like thrusting fashion.

Jordan’s ass takes a good hard pounding up against the wall and again on the wet concrete floor before Marco shoots a huge thick cumshot onto Jordan’s cute face and into his hungry mouth.

Jordan swallows the whole cum load in one go.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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