Erik Devil, Jarred Bornet

Jarred Bornet heads for the post-training changing room with the coach instructing him to take his shower now.

As he is about to take a shower he bumps into Erik Devil who decides he likes the look of Jarred.

He takes hold of Jarred firmly and whispers ‘I’m gonna breed your raw hole.’

The two hot twinks touch and feel each other, both their big cocks are rock hard before Jarred falls to the floor.

On his knees Jarred unleashes Erik’s big uncut Spanish dick.

He gobbles it down until Erik’s dick is banging the back of his throat.

Jarred’s bare ass takes a full-on big dicked assault barebacking him till he is ready to blow his load.

Erik can’t hold off any longer and seeds the young boy’s ass full of his hot cum.

He’s quickly followed by Jarred unleashing his pent up orgasm.

The boys relax in each others’ arms their sexual mores sated for the time being.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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