Boban Jovanovic, Max Hilton

Today Max Hilton introduces gay porn sexy newcomer Serbian Boban Jovanovic.

Max likes Boban’s well-developed muscle body and his 8-inch uncut cock, he is turned on and he steps forward to unzip his jeans.

As Max sucks Boban’s huge dick, caressing the end of it, with his tongue and feeling the heavyweight of it pressing against the back of his throat, Boban plays with his nipples.

Boban then lets Max suck his cock, getting the end of it wet with his saliva. Max savors Boban’s musky smell and the heat overtakes him.

Max sees that the new dude sure can suck a dick and he wastes no time spinning Boban around and shoving his own dick deep into his hot hole.

As the fucking begins Boban’s cock is still getting bigger and harder on every pump action of Max’s dick.

Both Max and Boban grunt and moan with every stroke of Max’s big cock.

Boban’s ass receives a pummeling hard fuck that risks both men heading over the edge, but Max wants to extend the hot fuck session longer so he backs off.

Boban then offers Max his long muscle dick and Max without hesitation jumps on to it, and grinds away getting right down until Boban’s massive meat is fully inside his ass.

Max then switches around and lowers his asshole onto Boban’s dick in a reverse cowboy fashion.

Once inside, Max is ready for deep fucking and encourages Boban by telling him to “fuck me”, “fuck my ass”.

With all that meat inside of him, Max is getting all of his muscles an intense massage.

Max has fucked his ass up and down Boban’s fat cock to the point of sheer pleasure that resonates throughout his entire body.

Just as Max thinks he will explode, Boban changes things up and flips Max onto his back.

With Max on his back and his legs spread wide open, Boban takes advantage of the position and gives him a hard ass fucking.

Boban stimulates his nipples by pinching them as his cock grows fatter inside of Max’s ass.

One last pinch and Boban showers Max’s muscular thighs with his hot load of cum and dumps the remainder of it inside of Max’s ass.

Boban has a promising career, who would you like to see him with next?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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