Straight Off Base Quinn

Today’s visit to the Major’s penthouse suite is US Marine Corp Corporal Straight off base Quinn dressed for a special occasion at the San Diego Port Authority celebration.

He looks super handsome and sexy in his Dress Blues and white hat.

Standing a 6 ft 3 inches and weighing in at 205 pounds there is a lot to love about beefy USMC Corporal Quinn.

As he undresses, removing his shirt we see that his chest and abs are covered in tattoos, as is often the way with Navy studs.

Massive hunk of a man Marine Quinn says he is constantly feeling horny and he requests permission to jerk off.

The Major ok’s him to bust his nut and he wanks his cock until he floods his tattooed stomach and chest with creamy Navy cum.

Then he salutes and heads back to barracks aboard Camp Pendleton.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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