Nic Sahara, Greyson Lane

Sexy stud Nic Sahara is heading home from the gym and he is looking forward to seeing his new boyfriend Greyson Lane.

As he walks through the door Nic greets him by falling to his knees and sucking Greyson’s long young dick.

Greyson returns the favor chomping away on Nic’s big uncut dick getting his tongue around his foreskin.

With Greyson on top, he takes control of the situation allowing Nic to slip his hard cock deep into his ass fucking him bareback.

As Greyson touches his toes, Nic presses his thick bare cock deep into his tight bubble butt.

Greyson looks lovingly at Nic as his ass is pummelled until he can hold off no longer.

Greyson heads over the edge moaning as he unloads huge cum spurts across his abs.

Nic continues the anal fucking before spewing his jizz load making a mess of them both.

The boyfriends lie there in the blissful aftermath of their hot lovemaking.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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