Dante Colle, Callum, Cole

In his camper, Dante Colle is all alone and very horny, he’s been jerking off a lot recently.

Dante is wanking and chatting when he gets an invite from two sexy young twinks Callum and Cole from Scotland, UK who invite him to a steamy video conference call.

The three guys chat for a bit before things start to get hot. It all begins with Dante removing his shirt and egging the Scots boys on to do the same.

Even though Dante is a world away he controls the action, directing Cole how he wants him to suck Callum’s young cock and telling him what he wants to see.

The hottie twinks 69 and Callum fingers Cole’s hot hole opening it up while Dante watches wanking his dick and probing his ass hole with a dildo.

Callum orders both Dante and Cole to ease the tip of the cock head inside at the same time. Cole is fucking Callum and Dante is fucking his ass with the dildo.

Dante continues to jerk his dick as he is watching Callum and Cole flip-flop fucking

He blows a huge load on his laptop screen as the twinks kneel in front of their webcam for a virtual facial, then Callum cums in Cole’s mouth before enjoying Cole’s jizz.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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