Ryan Rose, Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox and Ryan Rose are both extremely horny and they intend not to waste a precious second of their time as they strip off their clothes in a Castro hotel room.

As they stand there naked they kiss passionately before Ryan bobs down and wraps his moist lips around Cade’s big dick sucking it deep to the back of this throat.

Cade isn’t going to lie he’s after Ryan’s hot hole and he pushes him down on all fours getting his slobbering tongue lubing up his hot ass hole.

When Ryan’s ass is dripping with Cade’s saliva he eases his monster man meat past his muscular cheeks and deep into Ryan’s raw ass hole.

Cade’s hung cock pumps Ryan’s ass slapping his balls as he goes in deep.

They switch up positions several times finally with Cade on his back with Ryan poised above, lowering his ass down onto Cade’s erect cock.

They fuck cowboy style until both sexy dudes can hold off no longer.

First Ryan wanks out a huge stream of creamy jizz followed swiftly by Cade who covers them both with several powerful spurts of high-velocity cum.

Only when they’re done do we see Josh Moore, Cade’s sexy Brit boyfriend, coming home with flowers to find a sex strewn bedroom and a cheating boyfriend.

They fight and Cade throws Josh and all his stuff out onto the street.

Feeling betrayed and alone, Josh calls a bud in Santa Cruz for help.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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