Juanjo Rodroguez, Leonardo Lucatto

Macho muscle men Juanjo Rodriguez and Leonardo Lucatto get together for Man on Man, macho y macho, a hot gay porn coupling.

On opposite sides of the bedroom, Juanjo and Leonardo check each other out as they rip off their clothes and leave them in a pile on the floor.

As both sexy men are down to their jock-straps they each reach across and check out their respective big muscle dicks.

Juanjo makes the first move leaning across, getting in close and sucking down hard on Leonardo’s erect dick, filling his mouth to bursting point. He deepthroats that monster.

They switch positions so that Leonardo blows Juanjo’s 8-inch uncut dick, getting his teeth around his foreskin and tugging it.

Juanjo face-fucks Leonardo his big cock slipping smoothly between his bearded lips and deep down his throat.

Leonardo’s tight bubble ass comes into view and Juanjo salivates his cock getting harder as he contemplates fucking him.

Juanjo spins Leonardo around getting his hot butt in position then shoving his raw dick deep between his ass crack. Bare fucking him with his balls slapping against his ass as he pumps harder and longer.

Juanjo the pig comes to the fore as he gets Leonardo on his back with his legs in the air so that he can get his tongue deep, rimming that hot ass.

Juanjo thrusts his cock deep inside of Leonardo, which causes his cock to grow that much stronger.

Making one last position change, Juanjo is now positioned to go as deep as he pleases, and it truly pleases Leonardo.

As Juanjo’s cock massages Leonardo’s ass perfectly, he is unable to keep his mounting passion from boiling over and Leonardo spews his huge load of cum all over his magnificent furry abs.

Just as Leonardo releases the last of his load, Juanjo pulls out and creams his ass perfectly with his thick, luscious, milky load of cum.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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