Drew Sebastian, Jake Nicola

Hairy big muscle daddy Drew Sebastian has been waiting around the sauna cubicle for someone to suck his aching big dick.

He’s passed on a lot of sexy guys but none of them had what he was searching for.

Then along saunters tattooed muscle stud, Jake Nicola and Drew feels a impulse of intense excitement.

Jake falls to his knees and takes hold of Drew’s huge dick between his lips, deep throating him till he’s balls deep choking.

Jake sucks and gags on Drew’s thick long cock before bending to expose his hot hairy asshole for Drew to finger and rim.

Drew’s fingers open up his hole and his tongue gets in there deep, lubing him up good.

Drew’s huge cock slips easily between Jake’s ass cheeks and enters his hot hole until he is hitting his prostate bareback with a bang.

The relentless raw fucking continues until both guys can take no more.

They switch positions with Jake holding himself in position directly over Drew’s cock, riding his man meat up and down fully in control until Jake unleashes a huge cum load that coats Drew’s hairy abs.

Covered in Jake’s cum, Drew stands over Jake and shoots a big load all over his face.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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