Izan Loren, Jarred Bornet

Newbie Thai boy Jarred Bornet first came to our attention when he emailed us to ask if we could help fulfill his filthy soccer strip fantasy.

As the shooting starts Jarred arrives and strips out of his clothes and into some football kit. He kicks around a football showing off some of his ball skills.

Our team then bring on the cushions and tape, they secure his wrists together and position him so that his cock and ass are fully exposed and ready to be taken.

Sexy tattooed stud Izan Loren arrives and quickly eyes up Jarred, rubbing his body and watching as his cock gets harder as he strokes it.

Jarred’s cock quickly shoots up tall and erect, Izan removes his shoes and rubs his sweaty feet in Jarred’s face.

As Izan wanks his cock, Jarred licks his white socked feet. Izan then forces Jarred to sucks down hard on his big cock.

WIth Jarred spreadeagled on the cushions, Izan parts his tanned ass cheeks and runs his tongue deep down his ass crack, finding his hot boy hole and rimming it deep.

Izan gets plenty of his saliva dripping into Jarred’s hole making him ready for the coming hardcore cock fucking.

The bareback ass fucking is relentless with Jarred crying out in pleasure, and it is not long before Izan shoot his load into Jarred’s mouth and he swallows the creamy jizz down his hungry throat.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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