Steven Lee, Johnny Ford

Hot prankster couple Steven Lee and Johnny Ford are always teasing each other and playing for laughs.

They are in the middle of a joke session which lands them in the bedroom.

As Johnny is changing, and he’s down to his sexy undies, Steven pulls him closer and gives him a big kiss on the lips.

Their make-out session gets more intense as their clothes fly off in every direction as both hot hunks take turns sucking each others’ big cocks.

Once they’ve both got the scent of each others’ man meat, Johnny gets on all fours as Steven rims his smooth asshole.

Ever the wanton bottom Johnny clearly wants more, a lot more. So Steven pushes his massive raw cock deep into Johnny’s tight ass crack, splitting him open.

Johnny takes it like a champ, and after he gets used to Steven’s cock stretching his walls, Steven goes back in pounding Johnny’s tight hole relentlessly.

Taking complete control, Steven pile-drives Johnny before laying back to let this tight stud ride him.

After riding his friend, Johnny lays back and lets Steven pummel his hole until he blows a load of thick ropes all over his rock-hard abs.

When it’s Steven’s turn to unleash, the big-dicked stud delivers a thick facial that Johnny licks up.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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