Kris Knight, Seth Knight

Kris Knight and Seth Knight figured out what they’re like from the get go. That’s why they don’t waste time on courtesy and start banging right away.

Seth had Kris lay on his back so he could give his hole a good licking.

With his tongue deep inside, Seth couldn’t restrain his boner anymore. Kris could see this so he turned around and got on all fours.

This was a cue for Seth to go balls deep. He started drilling him deep before pulling out because he couldn’t let Kris have it all at once.

Kris went after Seth’s cock by putting it in his mouth, which was just the thing he wanted.

He was soon satisfied and wanted to reinsert so he spread Kris’ legs and continued bare backing.

He was banging so hard that it was only a matter of time when he came and spilled his whole load on Kris’ hole.

Seth made sure to put it back in to seed Kris some more for making him cum so hard!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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