Yah Jil, John Rodriguez

HOT TAMALE. its is quite clearly meteorologically and sexually, really fucking hot in this shoot, these boys are rampant.

Our favourite fucker Yah Jil is back with his gorgeous hair (it may not be a thing for you, but something to run your hands through don’t go a miss) and of course the body part you’re all ogling that whopping whanger.

His huge cock all uncut, all juicy and as Yah insists all bareback, And this time he’s up against, ( all over and into) rugged, stunning new papa, John Rodriguez.

OI CARAMBA. So much foreskin, so much jizz. these hot, tanned guavas are going at it so hard you can’t tell the jizz from the sweat from the spit. So much body fluid.

If you were the gherkin in this slippy beef sandwich you’d pop and slide right across the room. John is a great bottom, really taking that dick like a man.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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