Island Studs Dakota, Island Studs Jeffrey

Fat 8 inch Monster Cock young Daddy Dakota is Back for his first ever Man on Man Action Duo with popular sweet Surfer Boy, “Beer Can” Cock Jeffrey in the newest episode of Football Nude #13.

Watch as these two enjoy showing off their identical killer cocks and low hanging balls sacks while flexing, posing and hugging for the very first time together beside the roaring Pacific Ocean on a black sand beach in Hawaii.

See them toss the football in their board shorts, then strip down to their sexy white jockstraps for more playful football action and then totally nude with throbbing boners and continue to play a hot nude football game with their thick cocks and low hanging balls slapping their white thighs and dangling below their perky butts.

They then relaxing side by side in their beach chairs for a rock hard cock stroking session together dripping cum and comparing their throbbing stiff cocks for time on camera.

These two naturally smooth sexy young jocks agreed to meet us in the bright morning Hawaiian winter sun for their very first ever sweaty duo together for a totally hardcore pounding Football Toss Session and then jerking and playing with each other in a clearing under the palm trees.

In this outrageous new video, we learn neither of these sexy lads are shy about being photographed naked together for the first time! Check out their perfectly smooth young bodies as they strip off their board shorts, revealing their smooth bubble butts framed in tight white jockstraps.

Dakota’s bulging 8′ cock can barely be contained in his tight jockstrap. Feast your eyes on their athletic supporters framing their amazing bubble butts and tightly griping their man size cocks as the pose and hug each other for photos! Jeffrey, who played Wide Receiver in High School, is excited to start the Football practice in his jockstrap.

There is something so sexy about watching to young guys jumping and bending over repeatedly as they toss and catch the football wearing only their jock straps outside in the sun, unaware that the camera is watching.

Check out their contrasting bodies: stocky Dakota with his thick blue collar man butt and taller ripped Jeffery with his perky Surfer butt!

Excited to get out of their tight white “jocks”, they both strip fully naked posing, flexing and embracing each other again for some photos on the beach together.

Dakota wraps with big hands around Jeffrey’s naked narrow waist. Jeffrey grabs onto Dakota’s thicker man body! 27 year old Daddy Dakota, has never touched another naked guy before today!

Excited to be naked in public and in the sun they pick up the ball and the nude pounding football action begins!

See fat 8 inch monster cock young daddy Dakota strips naked jerking his huge dick to a massive cum explosion here!

See fat 8 inch monster cock young daddy Dakota strips naked jerking his huge dick to a massive cum explosion here!

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