Dirty Scout 222

It’s a shame when young people are too lazy to pursue their dreams, such a waste of potential.

This young man dreamed to be and architect but was too lazy to do something about it.

Instead he ended up working at various warehouses as a forklift operator.

The jobs weren’t very good so I found him a warehouse with better paid staff.

The poor dude was broke because his cheating ex-girlfriend was sucking money out of him for years before the break-up.

He was so skint he couldn’t afford to pay our mediation fee.

Well, I had my plans with the guy so it wasn’t a big problem.

I was also going to improve his financial situation a lot. My mind was full of ideas…

I just needed this guy to be reasonable and let me help him.

I even brought a few toys to make his tight ass ready for me. I think it worked.

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See Dirty Scout 222 here!

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