David Dirdam, Gio Forte

Bursting out of his assless leather chaps, dark and handsome model David Dirdam is photographed by the equally muscular Gio Forte.

The two smile at each other as the session progresses, but the warm lights soon get to Gio, who takes off his shirt to cool down.

When the photographer moves in for a close-up, the two can’t control themselves any longer and embrace in a passionate kiss.

They strip each other down before Gio drops to his knees for a steady face fuck from David’s big uncut slab.

The moaning David spits down on his drooling, bearded buddy as glistening strands cling to his cock.

David returns the favor, sucking on verbal Gio’s meaty slab as the spit continues to fly.

David then sits on Gio’s face for a tongue lashing, jacking off onto Gio’s chest as he gets eaten—then rubbing his load into Gio’s huge pecs.

After beautiful side shots capture David getting sucked again, David sits down on Gio’s cock and rides like a pro, his own big meat frantically bouncing up and down.

After the aggressive fuck, the two kiss and Gio sucks on David before the model gets hungry. “Open your ass!” demands David, who slides his tongue into Gio’s hole.

He soon grabs on to Gio’s leather belt and slides his cock inside for a deep fuck. Gio stays stiff as he gets pounded, his hot muscular arms supporting him on the table.

The two then switch positions as Gio fucks his bud, slapping David’s ass before flipping him over.

Now on his back, David’s amazing abs tighten as he gets rammed.

With his legs propped up in the air, the bottom soon dumps his load down on his own chest before Gio unleashes a huge stream across David’s chest.

See hottie muscle hunks David Dirdam and Gio Forte in Titan Men Bad Contact Scene 1 here!

See hottie muscle hunks David Dirdam and Gio Forte in Titan Men Bad Contact Scene 1 here!

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