Dirty Scout 214

This young man looked tough. Lean and ripped, arms tattooed… not a typical guy who would let you in his ass easily.

He was a car mechanic looking for a job in Prague but was open to any work if it was well-paid.

I gave him a sweet job in Germany and the guy loved the idea.

For a single dude who speaks German, it was a perfect job. For some reason he needed money really badly, that’s why our mediation fee was a big problem.

Of course, I offered my help. In return, I just wanted to have fun. The guy agreed and I think he enjoyed it, as well.

Applicants rarely get a boner this quickly… He took care of my cock nicely, but his ass was problematic.

It had to stretch first, and the owner didn’t like that in the beginning. But in the end, we managed, we even came at the same time. It was so romantic.

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See Dirty Scout 214 here!

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