Czech Hunter 482

My friend got a call from a cutie he fucked some time ago. The guy wanted to bring his pal and have another ride.

I was lucky because my friend couldn’t make it today, so he sent me the guy’s number.

We arranged a meeting and I couldn’t wait to see the new guy. They came late but both were very handsome.

Young stylish looking dudes, perfect material for a threesome. They let me in their flat and didn’t dance around the subject.

Once terms were set, fun started. I made them pleasure each other and joined in at the right moment.

Their young and lean bodies made me incredibly horny. The new guy got penetrated multiple times, but I think he liked the experience.

When this crazy party was over, everyone was exhausted and covered in cum.

I hope they’ll give me a call again soon.

See Czech Hunter 482 here!

See Czech Hunter 482 here!

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