Czech Hunter 465

I met a very interesting young man today. He didn’t look very interesting at first glance, just a regular dude in his early twenties.

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The guy didn’t know about the brothel I used as a pretext to start the conversation.

So cute and innocent, I thought. He worked at a boring job in which he made shitty salary… Just an ordinary young guy from Prague. But how could I misjudged him this much…

The guy was bi-sexual and he knew what to do. My god, this was an intense afternoon! He almost ripped my cock off with his suction and then let me ravage his beautiful asshole for ten minutes non-stop.

It hurt him at first but he got used to it quickly. In the end he just shivered in ecstasy while I was banging him hard.

He added nice finishing touch by sucking my balls dry. This dude was incredible.

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See Czech Hunter 465 here!

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