Hoyt Kogan, Pip Caulfield

Today when he finds that Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery have gone out without him, it only takes seconds before he finds the adorable Pip Caulfield alone on the beach and decides to make him his new lover for the day. We’ve rated this one of their favorite scenes from the series, so we hope that you all enjoy it as well.

If you have been following our summer series Viva Colombia, you will be no stranger to Hoyt Kogan. He is the one who relentlessly searches out new boys to fuck. Yeah Hoyt loves to be the first to plant his big boy cock deep into some newbie young ass. And Hoyt never gets any complaints from his bottoms boys. And they along with he prefer to keep their assignations secret. We are certainly not telling.

Watch Full Movie here!

Watch Full Movie here!

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